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Welcome to CONNEX



CONNEX is now officially over. The final Report addressed to the Commission gives a summary of activities and outcomes.

Download the report (PDF) or the ANNEX (PDF) with the concordance tables that display the publication outcome emanating from each of the CONNEX activities.


Many thank to all who participated in the network or in its activities. The CONNEX website will still be available until 2010.

In case you require any additional information please contact Mrs. Constanze Nickel either telphonically on +49 621 181 2842 or via email: Constanze.Nickel(_at_)mzes.uni-mannheim.de.


The Network of Excellence CONNEX ("Connecting Excellence on European Governance") is one of the few projects funded by the European Union within the first call for proposals for priority 7 of the Sixth Framework Programme of Research. It is dedicated to the analysis of efficient and democratic multilevel governance in Europe and will have a 4 years duration (July 2004 - June 2008).


Multilevel governance stands for the high interdependence of political responsibilities executed at regional, national and European level. Efficiency and democratic accountability is needed because it is the very foundation of legitimate governance.


42 partner institutions from 23 European countries and more than 170 scholars cooperate within the network. The consortium is coordinated at the


Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES)


by Beate Kohler-Koch (Network Coordinator) and
Fabrice Larat (Network Manager).

CONNEX seeks to integrate independent fundamental research and mobilise outstanding scholars from different disciplines to deepen our knowledge on European multilevel governance and build a Europe-wide research community which stands for scientific excellence. It also aims to contribute to the public debate on the future of European governance. CONNEX is closely linked to the Integrated Project NEWGOV - New Modes of Governance.


Download the CONNEX factsheet (PDF)


Download the CONNEX presentation flyer (PDF)


Download the GOVLIT - GOVDATA flyer (PDF)


Download the LIVING REVIEW flyer (PDF)


Download the EUROGOV flyer (PDF)



New publication

"European Multi-level Governance"
Contrasting Images in National Research

edited by Beate Kohler-Koch and Fabrice Larat

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New publication

"Accountability and European Governance"

edited by Deirdre Curtin; Peter Mair & Yannis Papadopoulos

Special Issue of West European Politics, Vol. 33, Issue 5


Oliver Treib:
"Implementing and complying with EU governance outputs
Rainer Eising:
"Interest groups in EU policy-making

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CONNEX Report Series

+ New Volume +

Volume 9:

"Efficient and Democratic Governance in the European Union"

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"How Does Research Integration Work?"

Brussels, 17 June 2008

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Dissemination Conference

Brussels, 10 April 2008

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Final Conference

Conference Papers...

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